queens who bathe

A collaborative documentary series dedicated to capturing Chicago’s contemporary queer community. Because of the work LGBTQ folk have to do to be seen and valued in heteronormative, white washed, cis-gendered capitalism; constantly working hard and being spread thin can feel like an integral part of queer identity. Queer people need pampering and something as simple as taking a decadent bath can remind us that while we have so much work to do, we can also exhale. Queens Who Bathe is a way for Meadows to facilitate and celebrate that exhale with folks who are working so tirelessly to build the incredible spaces and community we have here in Chicago. With the photographers background in queer historical research, this project also functions as a snapshot of Chicago’s queer community today. Projects like Queens Who Bathe ensure that queer youth will never have to scour obscure archives and track down living storytellers to know that femme, trans, people of color, and gender-non-conforming folks have always existed and thrived in this city just as much as the hyper-visible boys of Boystown. Each set from Queens Who Bathe is personally built by Meadows for their subjects to highlight their unique presence and role in the community.